Connecting Platform as a Service to Business Analytics

PaaSPorter is a SAAS application that allows fully configurable extractions of PaaS data to a SQL compliant database for the Business Intelligence and Business Analytics team


Beam your data down from the cloud.

The tools you use to run your business live on the cloud. They’re fast, easy, and affordable. But your data is out of reach. Each platform or service is a silo, completely isolated from everything. Enterprise-wide reporting, analytics, and business intelligence seem impossible.

Bring all your data back down to earth with Paasporter.



Paasporter transforms your SaaS and PaaS data into indexed, normalized, and optimized SQL. Open up a whole new world of reporting options.

  • Use any tool that speaks SQL: Tableau, Power BI, Hyperion
  • Correlate data from multiple sources: Bring accounting, marketing, and ERP data together
  • Avoid expensive integration: Forget about platform specific APIs

No Coding Required

With Paasporter, extracting your data is as easy as picking your platform and choosing the data you need. We do the rest. Push the data to your own server or let us spin one up for you.

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